You usually have some details about anyone you meet online in advance ( for example, reading their brief status or engaging in lengthy language or email exchanges ). This is n’t to say you ca n’t have the same experience if you meet someone in person but it is true that there are risks of meeting up with someone who might be a sexual predator, scammer, troll, or cyberbully. In those circumstances, it’s a good idea to check if your spouse uses dating websites so you can take the appropriate measures.

Using a search engine is one of the easiest approaches to do this. Just enter their password and “dating blog” into Google and see if any outcomes appear. However, keep in mind that this only shows you if they’ve ever created profiles on that particular website; it wo n’t even show you if they’ve already done so.

Another method to do this is to use a page with advanced lookup functionality, like Social Catfish or Lullar, to seek their contact address. These advanced tools, including dating apps and websites, did verify email addresses and look up various online profiles that are related to them.

You can also try to be their on a dating site or apps and see if their profile appears. Keep in mind, though, that this will only work if the person’s name is n’t too common and they’ve set up their profile with a unique username.